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Season 3 of Animianiacs released on DVD June 19, 2007!

The Animaniacs cartoon show is no longer in production but, here I have information on the Animaniacs show, Animaniacs and Dot Warner themed images, Animaniacs links and some other fun Animaniacs things.

Take a look at my Animaniacs Link page for links and resources on all things about the Animaniacs cartoon series and comic books.

The Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network Cable TV channels air episodes of Tiny Toon Adventures and Animaniacs from time to time. Check your local TV listings to find out dates and times.

It appears as though the Warner Brothers stores and catalog have been shut down. You can still find Animaniacs things online on auction sites such as Ebay.

Seasons one and two of Animianiacs and Pinky and the Brian have been released. Season three was just released!!!

Animaniacs videos can still be found in video and electronics stores from time to time. To find actual Animaniacs collectibles it is best to search through local flea markes and yard sales in your area. Also check my page on Collecting Animaniacs for more information on Animaniacs collectibles.

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These pages are updated on regular basis. Last update: June 2007

This Site is Cute InsideWARNING! This page is cute! You have been warned. Really! This is a serious warning.

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Dot Lines Dot's Famous Lines: Go to this page to see and hear lines from Dot and other Animaniacs Characters.

Gallery Page Animaniac's Gallery: Go to this page to see a gallery of original images, images made for the web and Animaniacs collectibles.

Links Animaniacs Links: An A to Z listing of links related to Animaniacs. Yes, there are other sites still on the web that deal with Animaniacs. Some of them haven't been updated recently.

Collect Dot Collect Animaniacs: Just information on where to get Animaniacs things.

Dot FansDot Fans: This page is for fans of Dot. Get buttons and images for your web page.

Dot SpiritFantasy Fights Spirit Page: This page is for Fantasy Fights which this Dot Page used to be a part of when the Cartoon Mania portion of the fights existed.

Dot QuizTake the Animaniacs Quiz: Take the quiz featuring information on Dot, the Animaniacs cartoon series, Comic book series and Wakko's Wish movie.

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  2. Name: Dot.  (Also goes by "Princess Angelina Contessa Louisa Francesca Bannana Fanna Bo Besca the third").

  3. Siblings: (2 brothers) Yakko and Wakko.

  4. "The Warner Sister". Also known as "The Cute One."

  5. Always wears a flower and a pink skirt. She does not wear a shirt (and her brother Wakko has no pants).


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