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Take the Dot Quiz

A note about the Quiz: It is updated periodically when I have time.

All about Dot:

All about Dot from the Animaniacs show:

1. What does Dot tell everyone they can call her? (5 points)

2. What actor did Dot say she was going to marry? (5 points)

3. What is Dot's pet? (5 points)

4. Who took over Dot's role in the "Animaniacs Stew" Episode?
(The episode where all the Animaniacs were mixed around). (5 points)


a. In the 1997 season of Animaniacs Dot got to sing a song called "Macadamia Nut" what is the name of the real hit song that Dot's "Macadamia Nut" song is based on? (10 points)

b. During the "Macadamia Nut" song Dot sang and danced with two other Animaniacs Characters. Who were they?(10 points)

Animaniacs Show:


a. Animaniacs have made fun of several recent Disney Movies...list two of the movies that Animaniacs has picked on. (5 points)

b. In the "Pocadotas" cartoon Dot briefly impersonates three Disney heroines as Yakko sings the song "Same old Heroine". List the three heroines. (5 points)



a. Who gives Dot her trademark "cute" voice? (10 points)

b. (Bonus)
What other popular Animaniacs character also gets their voice from her? (5 points)


c. (Second bonus)
What Tiny Toons character gets their voice from her? (5 points)

From the movie Wakko's Wish :

1. What type of animal does Pinky fall in love with? (5 points)

2. What does Wakko come home with after he has been away for a year "earning his fortune"? (5 points)

3. What does Dot have surgery for? (5 points)

4. What does Wakko actually wish for? (5 points)

A few (more obscure) bonus questions: (Give yourself a bonus point for every correct answer in the bonus section)

The Animaniacs comic books:

1. In the Animaniacs comic book series Hello Nurse was a secret agent for what group?

2. The cover of issue number fourty was a spoof on what late 1990's band?

3. On this same issue who was Slappy Squirrel supposed to be?

4. In issue number 34, the cover was a spoof on what popular 1998 T.V. show?

5. In issue number 31, the cover and first story of the comic were a spoof of what Disney movie?

The Pinky and The Brain comic books:

1. As represented on the cover of the first issue of the Pinky and the Brain comic book, how were Pinky and the Brain trying to "break into" comics?

cuteinside.gif (643 bytes)Scoring: If you are not familiar with the Animaniacs comics it will not hurt your score any.

70+ points =You are an Animaniacs Fanatic!

35+ points =You like Animaniacs but you are not a rabid fan.

30 or fewer points =You need to watch Wakko's Wish, see a few more episodes or read old issues of the comics. You obviously need more Animaniacs in your life.

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