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-This image or - this image next to a famous line means that if you click on the image you can hear a WAV sound file of that famous line.

I can't help it if I'm cute Dot "I can't help it if I'm cute"

I'm the cute one Dot "I'm the cute one"

Dumber than advertised Dot "Dumber than advertised."

Aliens go fig Dot "Aliens. Go fig."

So princess we meet again....Call me Dot Villian character "So, princess we meet again." & Dot "Its can call me Dot."

See out new worlds and make them cuter Dot "My five year mission is to seek out new worlds and make them cuter."

Give us a kiss kid Dot "Give us a kiss kid."

There is a pickup line Dot "There's a pickup line if I ever heard one."

Mr. Prezident Get to work Dot "Mr. Prezident? Get to work."

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dot iconDot's Famous Lines: (no sound waves for these) dot icon
"Wanna see my pet?" "The name is me Dotty and ya die." "That was pointless."
"Hello male nurse!" "That makes me feel warm and squishy inside...either that or I sat in something." "Boys...go fig?"
"He's sooooo cute!" (Said with Yakko and Wakko) "We have no taste... but we like you!" Helloooooo Nurse!

Additional lines provided by: Monkeygal
"I just loooove a happy ending!",
"Quiet Quiet QUIIIIET!" & "I'm going to hurt my brother badly!"

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Group Lines: The Warners together

Wanna see me make Wakko "Wanna see me make bubbles with my spit?" Yakko "Sure do. That's the theme of our next show." Dot "So, don't miss it."

We're the Warner Brothers and the Warner Sister Yakko and Wakko "We're the Warner brothers." Dot "And the Warner sister."

We did this without computers Yakko (on behalf of the Warners) "And we did all that without computers."

In outer space its ok to wear white shoes after labor day Yakko (on behalf of the Warners) "We've decided in outer space its ok to wear white shoes after Labor day."

A crashing sound and Another useless fact There is a Crash and Yakko (on behalf of the Warners) "Another useless fact..."

What are you a bunch of leaky tires The Warners are "Shhhhed" by a crowd of people and Yakko (on behalf of the Warners) says to the crowd "What are you a bunch of leaky tires?"

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Other Famous Animaniacs lines as Wav files:

The Warners
Pinky &The Brain
Other Characters
Yakko "Dumber than advertised"
Pinky laughing

Mindy "Why?" &
Mindy "Ok, I love you. Bye Bye"

Yakko "Goodnight Everybody"
Pinky "Oh, very nice"
Mindy "Silly Puppy" &
Mindy "Ok, Lady"
Yakko "Exqueeze Me?"
Pinky "Oh, I think so"
Mindy "Ok, Lady. I love you"
Yakko "No grownups allowed!"
Brain "I don't know yet"
Mindy "Oooh, technicolor!"
Yakko "That'll leave a mark."
Brain "We interrupt..."
Dr. Scratchnsniff "Leave me alone!"
Wakko "Santa, I have been ever so good...quot;
Brain "I shall have to hurt..."
Jerry "Hello nice people"
Wakko "Helloooo Nurse!" Brain "If this is how..." Slappy "Enough with the...."
Wakko "Look! A big, fat fanny!"

Here are some other places to get Animaniacs and other WAV sound files for free:

The Daily Wav or you can go to My Fave Wavs or do a websearch. There are still several sites that host downloadable Animaniacs sound files.

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