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Dot Warner of Animaniacs

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Here are some things that are "keepers"- In my opinion anyway:

*Any of the Animaniacs soundtracks (most recently, the Animaniacs Faboo collection): The Faboo collection can still be ordered online and can be found in most record stores (just look in the Children's music section) Also check for Animaniacs soundtracks at record and CD stores as well as online.

*Animaniacs beanies and stuffed animals: Who cares if they aren't collector's items without their tags? Tags or no, they are cute and small enough to keep safe from those who don't understand your Animaniacs fixation. (Another plus for plush beanies and stuffed animals- they don't break)!

Animaniacs Video Box*Animaniacs Videos & DVDs: On disk, you get to watch the uncut, Animaniacs episodes commercial free.

Wakkoswish Video Box

*Animaniacs Wakko's Wish! Released only on video in 1999 from Warner Bros. Family Entertainment. This video was released around Christmas time. It has brand new Animaniacs songs and uses the entire orignal voice cast from the Animaniacs show.

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See a few Animaniacs Collectibles here at Dot Warner's Corner in the Gallery. Also see some Animaniacs themed images created for the web.

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Where do you find Animaniacs stuff now?

Animaniacs items can be found through online auctions like Ebay (there are a wide variety of old and recent Animaniacs collectables on auction at various times).

Local Yard sales and Garage sales and Flea Markets are also good places to find Animaniacs items. Also, like I said above it is still possible to find CDs of the Animaniacs sound tracks and video tapes of the old episodes just look whever videos and music are sold.

Of course everyone knows that the DVDs have been released. Seasons 1 and 2 of Animaniacs and Pinky and the Brain have been out for several months now. Season 3 of Animianiacs was released on June 19, 2007.

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