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Sewing & Fabric Projects Links Page

These are some of my favorite links on the subject of cross stitch, embroidery and crewel work. There are hundreds of sites on these subjects. Do your own research on it.

Subversive Cross Stitch -The site that launched the book. This is the book that brought me back into doing more needlework and counted cross stitch in particular.

Sublime Stitching Another site that launched kits and a new book. Fun, very easy to do embroidery. Good for beginners or those who just want some fun, quick projects. These are simple to do, iron on transfer designs that can easily be stitched over. I not only highly recommend the book but also the product line.

Craft Zine: The magazine dedicated to the new crafting. I drool over this magazine in bookstores but still don't have the courage to plunk down $15 for a magazine. Maybe someday, when I have more money I'll get a subscription. Great art and craft ideas and projects.

Wool and Hoop: Crewel Embroidery Kits and Supplies from the author of The New Crewel. I highly recommend the book and the projects are all available as kits or as iron on transfers on the website.

Linea Stitching By DMC: or go to the DMC Site and search through their embroidery product line. The Linea line is what brought me back into doing embroidery after over ten years of never picking up a needle and thread except to make minor clothing repairs. Linea kits and accessories are more difficult for me to find in stores but they continue to be made by the DMC company. All of their items are still available on the web, including new designs. I recommend the Linea line just as much as Sublime Stitching for the fact that both Sublime and Linea provide modern designs with easy to execute techniques. The kits are great for beginners and the rest of the line including stencils and tracing paper are all very easy to use. Similarly, Geometry was recently released by DMC as another simplified stitching series of products and projects.

Hip Stitch: Hip Stitch by Bucilla a part of the Plaid company is a series of kits that offer iron on transfers complete with matching threads, sequins and beads to embellish clothing. Some of the transfers are really very pretty and the kits are easy to use.

Herrschner's Catalog: One of a number of crafting catalogs both in print and online. Herrschner's offers some difficult to find cross stitching items including light switch covers, coffee mugs, coasters, trivets, napkin rings and other items that can have cross stitched fabrics sealed inside them.

Nordic Needle's Free Patterns: I've recently made some attempts at learning Hardanger emboidery. Some Hardanger is very pretty. Some of it resembles doilies which I'm not a fan of. However, I do like the fact that Hardanger is a very old fashioned form of needlework that, with practice, I can subvert to my own designs.

Recycling Old Jeans Into Skirts: Something that I've been looking into doing lately. I have a few pairs of jeans but only a few favorites. So I find things to do with the pairs that are not as well loved. From Saavy Seams here is a basic short jeans skirt pattern made from one old pair of blue jeans: From here is another basic jeans skirt pattern and from Applehead here is another variation on a recycled jeans skirt:

Recycling Old Jeans into Bags: This site is not in English, not that it matters. The photos and the diagrams are descriptive enough to have an understanding of the project. Also the woman who designed this bag does quite a lot of cross stitch and other needlework.

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