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Dusty Rose Tile

What can I say? I like unusual colors. This is a small, simple set. All images on this page are copyright to Bunny, 1999-2007 all rights reserved. Please put a link on your site if you use any of the images here.

welcome_rose_tile.gif (5163 bytes)Welcome GIF (5.04 k)

rose_tile_icon1.gif (2256 bytes) Icon GIF (2.20 k)

tiny_rose_tile_icon.gif (1481 bytes) Icon GIF (1.44 k)

The font used on the graphics is Garamond. The text color is White (#FFFFFF). The background color is (#CEA5AD) the link color is Lightslategray (#778899), the vlink color is Floralwhite (#FFFAF0) and the alink color is Lightgray (#D3D3D3). View the background border for this page (5 k). View an alternate background tile for this page (3 k).


back_rose_tile.gif (2930 bytes)home_rose_tile2.gif (3119 bytes)next_rose_tile.gif (2846 bytes)

Back GIF (2.86 k), Home GIF (3.04 k), Next GIF (2.77 k).

email_rose_tile.gif (4718 bytes) email_rose_tile2.gif (2829 bytes)

Email 1 GIF (4.60 k), Email (2.76 k).

I could not decide which email button I liked best so both of the buttons that I made are here.

blank_pink_rose_tile.gif (1515 bytes) blank_red_rose_tile.gif (1651 bytes)

Pink button GIF (1.47 k) Red button GIF (1.61 k)

These are two blank buttons. Again I could not decide which color I liked the best. The choice is up to you. You may write your own text on the buttons.

rose_tile_bar1.gif (7115 bytes)

Line GIF (6.94 k)

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