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Steel Bolt Set

This is the steel bolt set. All images on this page are copyright to Bunny, 1999-2004

The background color is = #C0C0C0

for a lighter color that matches the background image on this page try this color: #E4E4E4.

If you wish to use these graphics on a simple gray background use this #E4E4E4 color as the background color and place the graphics on your page. This will give you a page that will be visible using most browsers and you will not need to make use of any advanced HTML, or tables.

Most of the graphics on this page look best against a gray background color. The buttons and title images would look good against any background color. The arrows and lines would look best against gray or white.


Blank title image GIF ( 2.54 k).

bolt_button1.gif (1596 bytes) Black button GIF (1.55 k).

email_bolt1.gif (2342 bytes) Email button GIF ( 2.28 k).

bolt_icon1.gif (1049 bytes)Bolt icon GIF (1.02 k).


bolt_line1.gif (2032 bytes)

bolt_line2.gif (2453 bytes)

Bolt lines. (1.98 k) and (2.39 k)

bolt_warn1.gif (7363 bytes)

Adults only warning image (for those who need one)GIF (7.19 k).

bolt_back1.gif (2255 bytes)bolt_next1.gif (2235 bytes)

Back (2.20 k) and forward (2.18 k)  arrows.

All images on this page are copyright to Bunny, 1999-2007 all rights reserved. Please put a link if you use any of the graphics on this page.

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