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Dot Warner's Corner formerly was a comptitor in the Fantasy Fights. This was back when there was an FF team called Cartoon Mania. Now Cartoon Mania is gone and so I no longer participate in the Fantasy Fights. However, I do recommend the fights to anyone with a personal home page who has the extra time on their hands to devote to a project like the fights. The fights promote a healthy competition and allow their page owners to develop more visitors to their sites through link exchanges, voting and voting exchanges.

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Cheer Award Happy Halloween

Thanks so much to Fantasy Fights for the Award. Also a thank you to the members of Fantasy fights for the warm welcome I recieved.

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cartoon award

Thank you to the Fantasy Fights! If Lady Viridian had not signed my guestbook a long time ago and left me this award I would not have found out about the Fantasy Fights.

The fights were fun and this site recieved many more hits because of them. Also, it was great to meet lots of new people with equally fun or strange interests (like maintaining a web page for a cartoon series that is no longer on the air). Thanks so much for letting me and my little pages be a part of it!

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