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Dot Picture drawn by Scott S. (6666 bytes)The Gallery Museum has all things Animanaics!

So far this is the only piece of original artwork that I have. This picture was drawn by my husband a few years ago when Animaniacs was still on the air. I finally put it up on the web in September 2001 (This shows you how slow I am about doing some things).

The remaining gallery shows a few odds and ends of Animanaics items including a few things that I own and things that I have found or heard about. This will continue to change as I find new things to add.

If you wish to add something to the gallery let me know. I would be happy to put up a picture of your prized Animaniacs collection and give you full credit for ownership.



Just click on a Dot image to take you to the item that you want to view.

Animaniacs Pins:

The pins below are all owned by myself.

Round Animaniacs PinAnimanaics Pin. TM and Copyright 1994 WB. Animaniacs PinAnother Animaniacs Pin. TM and Copyright 1998 WB.
Pinky and the Brian PinPinky and the Brain Pin TM and Copyright 1996 WB. Pinky PinPinky Pin. TM and Copyright 1998 WB.
Brain PinBrain Pin. TM and Copyright 1998 WB. Look! Empty Space!

Toys and Figures

Just click on a Dot image to take you to the item that you want to view.

Valentines Animaniacs Animanaics Valentine's figurines. The base of each of these figures says "Animaniacs: TM and Copyright 1997 WB. China. Elmer's" . These were actually included in packages of Valentine's day candies. I forget what candy company put these with their candy but, I do remember the figures came each packaged on top of a small, heartshaped box of chocolates.

Pinky and the Brain FigurePinky and the Brain (small) Figurine. This PVC figurine was purchased at a Warner Brothers store.

Dot Figure PVCDot Warner Figurine. This PVC figurine was purchased at a Warner Brothers store.

Yakko Wakko Dot PVCYakko, Wakko and Dot Warner PVC figures.

Yakko Wakko Dot Cookie JarThe Yakko, Wakko and Dot Warner Cookie Jar. Ok, I've actually never seen this in person but I have seen it on Ebay.

Just Dot

Just click on a Dot image to take you to the item that you want to view.

Yellow Dot StickersDot Warner Stickers.

Red Puffy Dot StickersMore Dot Warner Stickers. This set is on red and the stickers are raised or "puffy". These came in a set of staionery with the pieces shown below.

Dot Stationery PackDot Warner Stationery. The pieces shown here are a sheet of paper and matching envelope with a Dot eraser.

Dot Plastic BankDot Warner Bank. Dot holds a giant, red heart that says "I'm so cute". This was purchased at a Warner Brothers store.

Dot Key ChainDot Warner key chain clip.

Dot Travel CaseMy favorite piece. This is a Dot Warner child's travel case. inside this plastic box are the pieces that you can see below.

Dot Travel ItemsA few travel items found inside the case: A red comb, a mirror with a handle and a travel toothbrush with a clear plastic case.

Dot Warner Red CombAn up close image of the red comb.

Dot Wash Cloth in YellowA Dot Warner washcloth. This is also included in the travel case. A bright yellow washcloth with Dot's face on it.

Animaniacs Web Images

These are images that I found by hunting on the web. For most of these I cannot find the original artists. Just click on a Dot image to take you to the item that you want to view.

Yakko Wakko Dot LineYakko Wakko and Dot run from the Water Tower. This is a bar line. The Yellow Flower that Dot WearsThe Yellow Flower that Dot Wears

Yellow Flower LineA Line of Yellow Flowers. I made this out of the flower image above.

An Icon of Dot's HeadAn Icon of Dot Warner's head.

Dot's Flower on a White Button Dot's Flower on a small, white button.

A small icon of Dot's head A small icon of Dot's head. I use these on my pages.
Dot Poses Image from Web Full body image of Dot Warner.

Yakko Full Body ImageSimilar to the Dot image, this is Yakko.

More Animaniacs Web Images

I'm the Cute One StickerOriginally found on an Animaniacs pictures site. This was originally a sticker of Dot. Dot Warner's Name Shiny in Red The name Dot Warner in shiny, red lettering. Could serve as a title for a page.
Dot's Flower as a Larger Barline Dot's Flower makes up another bar line. This one has larger flowers. Barline with Dot's Head Dot's head on a bar line. Makes use of the smaller Dot Head icon. The two were probably a set.
Animaniacs Web Ring Image Image for the Animaniacs Web Ring. This can also be seen on my pages however, this web ring is more of a general cartoon and animation ring now. Animaniacs Main Title From Show The Main Title Image from the Animaniacs TV show. Although, this image could have been scanned from the trading cards.
Wakko  Warner Image Posing SillyWakko Warner strikes a silly pose. Wakko Full Body ImageWakko Warner standing.

The Animaniacs CastLast but not least: Animaniacs Image from Show: Another large image. This one depicts a number of the main cast members including the Warner brothers and Dot, Hello Nurse, Dr. Scratchnsniff, Slappy Squirrel, Rita and Runt, and the Good Feathers.

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