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Pastel Layers Candle

This is one of my candles that was made from recycled wax. I like to recycle candles that people don’t want. I made it shortly after Christmas. I was experimenting with a certain batch of wax that had come from a pair of candles that one of my sisters did not want.

I had to go through a cleaning process with the wax because of the dust on the candles and the fact that one of them had been burned briefly. This one is layered pink on top of yellow on top of green. The pink has some slight mottling to it that was done on purpose using a mottling oil. I don’t recommend using the oils on candle wax that comes from a store bought candle. This is mainly because you never know what is actually in the wax of a store bought candle. I should have named this the “Sorbet” candle or the “Sherbet” candle because the colors in it remind me of those things.

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