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Muli-Colored Chunk Candle

This is officially the second candle that I ever made. The first one will never be featured on the web. The first candle wound up with too many air bubbles in it and I melted it down to use the wax for another candle later on. Most of my candles are experiments with different techniques. Some of them turn out better than others.

This is an example of a “chunk” candle which is made up by embedding multiple colored square pieces of wax (or chunks) into a lighter colored candle. It usually works best to have dark colored wax chunks in a light colored wax for the main body of the candle. In this case I did not color the wax for the rest of the candle.

Making chunks actually takes some time to do. Molten colored wax needs to be poured out into a container to cool (preferably a container that is easy to remove wax from and won't melt from the heat of the hot wax). Before the wax is completely cooled (fairly solid but still warm) it has to be cut into pieces. Then these pieces can be saved for later candle making. I've used colored wax pieces in paraffin chunk candles, paraffin & gel candles and I've used the chunks melted down to color other candles.

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