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Candles Page

Why candles? Well, actually that has a long story but I can sum it up by telling you that I wanted a way to make gifts for friends and family. This is the result.

I began with the idea for doing home made soaps and then I found out how involved cold process soap making actually was. So I gave up on that idea. Candle making was the next option that I explored and I found that I liked it.

I have been making candles (when I have the time) here and there for the past five years. Most of the candles pictured here are those that I have kept. I usually keep the candles that turn out less-than-ideal. For the longest time I gave candles as gifts without taking a photo of them first. Many of my candles are in the hands of loved ones that I have no record of and probably don't even remember making.

Candle Portfolio

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More to come

More to come

More to Come More to come


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