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The following are a few of my favorite books for various reasons.

I do not have partnerships or deals with any of the online book sellers (, Barnes and Noble, etc.) on principle. If you want to buy a book go search for it online or better yet, go to your nearest independent book store.

Sunshine by Robin McKinley
In my opinion this is her best novel yet although I have enjoyed her other novels. For information on this book go to McKinley's website. This book is well worthy of its reviews. It is extremely well written and is so much more than merely a novel with vampires in it.

Watership Down by Richard Adams. This is a classic. Even if a person decided that they did not want to read a book about cute little bunnies (which these aren't) this is still one of the best adventure novels around. This book is like nothing else out there.

Riddle Master Trilogy by Patricia McKillip. This is actually a series of three novels. Something like Lord of the Rings and yet not at all like it. This is a fantasy adventure trilogy that could easily be compared to Lord of the Rings because it is equally well written but apart from the fact that it is adventure in a fantasy setting, the similarities leave off there. I read this trilogy almost in one sitting (if hadn't needed to go to work I probably would have read all three books in one sitting).

Phantom by Susan Kay. This is a book that I read years ago and I have re-read it a few times and enjoyed it. It is well written and tells all of the back story of Erik (from Gaston Leroux's Phantom of the Opera). Although I never did care for aspects of the ending of the novel I thought that it did well to fill-in the blanks that were missing in Leroux's original novel. Unfortunatly this novel has been out of print for (I believe) ten years. It can be found online through online book sellers and auctions. If you like this novel Susan Kay wrote another novel titled Legacy (I believe that this is also out of print) about Elizabeth I of England which was also well written. If you want to find out more about this Phantom of the Opera themed novel there are a few sites on the web devoted to the story/legend of the Phantom. Phantom of the has information and discussion boards for fans. Phantom of the is a site with historical information, facts behind the story and much more in-depth essays regarding the Phantom legend and story. Also, if anyone does like the novel Phantom you should read Leroux's orignal version of the story as well.

I have more favorite books. I'll add more later.

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